Monday, August 17, 2009

Stella by Starlight (1944)

Music by Victor Young; lyrics by Ned Washington (the song writing team on My Foolish Heart and I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You)
From the Paramount film “The Uninvited,” starring Ray Milland, Ruth Hussey and Gail Russell.

Keith Jarrett Trio. This track begins with an extended piano solo by Mr. Jarrett; bassist Gary Peacock does not join in until the 3:23 mark. Jack DeJohnette is on drums.

A vocal rendition by Anita O'Day, white gloves and all. (1963, live in Japan)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm Just Foolin' Myself - Diane Schuur

Foolin' Myself (1937)
lyrics: Jack Lawrence; music Peter Tinturin

Click on this audio link to hear blind jazz singer Diane Schuur perform a superior rendition of this Billie Holiday classic.

I tell myself I'm through with love,
And I'll have nothing more to do with love;
I stay away, but every day
I'm just foolin' myself.

I tell my friends that I don't care,
I shrug my shoulders at the whole affair.
But they all know it isn't so,
I'm just foolin' myself.

And every time I pass and see

My face in a looking glass
I tip my hat and say
How do you do you fool
You're throwing your life away.

I'm acting gay, I'm acting proud
And every time I see you in a crowd
I may pretend, but in the end
I'm just foolin' myself.