Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Speak Low - drummer Shelly Manne

Speak Low
from One Touch of Venus (1943)
Lyrics by Ogden Nash; music by Kurt Weill

Sheely Manne and his Men:
Shelly Manne, drums
Conte Candoli, trumpet
Richie Kamuca, tenor sax
Russ Freeman, piano
Monty Budwig, bass

One Touch of Venus – When Marlene Dietrich backed out of the title role, deeming it too profane and sexual, Mary Martin stepped up to the plate and established herself as a Broadway star.

Another take:
This one takes its time to heat up, but by 3:00 or so the pot starts to boil. Maestro Rybicki’s extended bass solo at the 5:30 mark is outstanding (and more than 2 minutes long).

Matthew Rybicki Quartet
Live at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola, Jazz at Lincoln Center (NYC).
Matthew Rybicki, bass
Dan Nimmer, piano
Dominick Farinacci, trumpet
Marion Felder, drums

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Estaté - João Gilberto (vocals, guitar)

Sing in Portuguese by composer João Gilberto.


Ah, summer!
Your warm embrace is like a kiss remembered
Once full of love but now it's just an ember,
Like something in the heart one wants to lose.

Ah, summer!
The sun that woke and warmed us every morning,
That painted splendid sunsets every evening
Is useless now, except to sear my soul.

Another winter comes and
All the petals dying on the rose
A thousand petals lie beneath the snow—
At least perhaps some peace might come again.

Ah, summer!
You gave your fragrant scent to every flower
And filled us with a love of so much power
So I could slowly perish in its pain!